The BrainServe data center has been designed and constructed specifically to meet requirements for secure IT housing (see the video of its construction). BrainServe owns the dedicated plot and the actual data center, which was commissioned on April 1, 2011.

The building was constructed according to SIA-118 standards and the design of the technical installations has been certified as Tier IV by the Uptime Institute.

The technical features of the BrainServe data center (electricity, cooling, physical security) are detailed on our Fact Sheet.

The data center’s operations are based primarily on the ISO 20000 / ITIL standards.

In terms of energy efficiency, BrainServe follows the recommendations of various reference organizations in this area.

BrainServe manages its own connectivity by controlling a fiber optic network around Lausanne from its data center. This network covers all the main connecting points with the different backbones and third-party networks. BrainServe ensures connectivity with telecommunications operators by providing them with dedicated fiber optics (“last miles” and introductions) and housing areas within the data center’s telecoms rooms. BrainServe applies a “carrier-neutral data center” policy.