Switzerland continues to be an outstanding location for the secure housing of data. The country’s political stability, legal security, economic prosperity and working culture are recognized all over the world.

The Swiss Government has classified infrastructures for information and communication technologies and electricity supply at the highest level of criticality and has appointed a federal data protection and information commissioner. These actions demonstrate Switzerland’s commitment to honoring its reputation as a “data banker”.

BrainServe has chosen to locate its data center close to Lausanne, at the heart of the fastest-growing region in Switzerland. Situated around 50 kilometers from Geneva, it is an ideal backup site for the city while still allowing synchronous replication of data.


The area has a particularly favorable risk profile – in relation to civil, natural, industrial, transport and electromagnetic risks (Fact Sheet). An electrical power station, with high power reserves, adjacent to the site guarantees a secure supply of electricity for the data center, including 100% renewable energy.

  •  Switzerland: the “data banker”
  •  Outside risk areas
  •  Guaranteed electricity supply
  •  Ideal backup site for Geneva